Monday Miscellanea

I guess it’s technically no longer Monday, but since I haven’t gone to bed yet, it’s still Monday.

A. Turns out that having to get a cashier’s check for the reduced fine of $135 and overnight it to Colorado to get that hold cleared to have those transcripts sent has so far paid off: In spite of this really gross sentence, I now have at least three (including my top choice, as of tonight!!!) options to go pay yet another university somewhere else way, way, way more than that fine for two more years of school, if I want to.

Some days I wish I had an anonymous blog, but I don’t and am too lazy to go underground, so no more about that limbo yet. In real life, my nervewracked distraction might occasionally be driving everyone around me nuts or just plain annoyed, for which I apologize and promise I will return to a normal level of real life scatterbrainedness soon. Next month. Maybe.

B. To avoid having future huge library overdue fines, follow Eric’s tip and use to get emails reminding you BEFORE your books are overdue. Genius. Sadly, it does not yet work with many university libraries (the source of my $$$ fine), but it covers many local library systems, including Kansas City’s.